Is Your Store Memorable Enough?

showroomWith customers torn in a million directions these days, it’s hard to truly “stand out” among their busy days.  As an independent retailer, that’s exactly what you should aim to do.  Your store should be an experience, not just a place to shop…wouldn’t you agree?  Below are a few tips that can make your store memorable to those who come through the door.

Store Perks

Include store perks that go above and beyond what the customers expect.  Beyond great customer service and strong inventory, your store can offer “extras” that may include lemon infused water or complimentary coat hanging.  It’s these little details that help shape memorable experiences in a store.

VIP Services

Is the product you sell extra large and often hard for customers to get into their car? Or possibly it’s not over-sized at all, but customers may prefer to have it shipped or delivered to their home.  Maybe your consumers prefer private shopping hours, or possibly you have a group of women you know are friends that all shop at your store and you want to host a private party just for them? The ideas are endless, but the goal is the same…make your store have unique, one-of-a-kind experiences that your local competition doesn’t and that your local customers will remember.

Be Nice… Yes, Be Nice

Just as your customers are busy, so are you.  We get it, BUT what we don’t get is when a store owner or their employees are too busy, flustered or uninterested to graciously greet customers who walk into their stores.  You did open a store to support customers, right?  Well, even if that wasn’t the case, the reality is your doors are open and in order to keep them open, you need to support everyone that walks through them with open, welcoming arms.  Stocked shelves with great inventory only goes so far.  Your attitude and the attitudes of your team make a huge impact on your store success and ultimately, how your store is remembered among customers.

Remember that customers not only have choices as to where they shop, but choices as to why they shop.  Make sure your store is a place they want to be not just because of what you sell, but also because of the experience you deliver.