What is ART?   Founded in 1988, ART is a network of home décor professionals who collaborate and combine their vast experience and diverse backgrounds into resources that will educate, promote and support the home furnishings industry.

Who is ART?  Art members are leaders in the home furnishings industry.  We are manufacturers, importers, retailers, sales representatives, product designers, interior designers and industry support professionals.  ART is YOU!

What does ART do?

ART offers its members a forum to learn from each other through marketing events, seminars, workshops, round table discussions & our annual ART Conference.

ART offers its members a resource to initiate and test our best practices and encourages brain storming and strategic planning with other network members.

ART offers its members an opportunity to educate non art members about their companies through our member resource section on the  ART website.

ART offers its members a built in network of guaranteed professionals that can be utilized for job searches, references and career advancement opportunities.

ART is the only trade group in the industry that offers its members the recognition they deserve through our annual ARTS Awards.

ART is the only trade group in the industry that offers its members a membership loyalty program just for supporting its member partners on an annual basis.

Remember the old saying  “You get out of it what you put into it”?

We invite you to “put more into” your ART membership – and by doing so to get more out of it!  ART currently has several active committees to benefit the association and our members.  We also form ad-hoc committees as they are needed or requested.  We are always ready and willing to help new members (and old!) to become more active by joining our committees.